Friday, March 20, 2020

Spring has Sprung

Spring is a favorite season, bringing hope, growth, and a reminder that the Earth is alive, rested, and renewed to carry us into Summer. This season of Spring can offer creative inspiration for starting new projects, learning new ways of doing things, taking steps to plant seeds for the future. It is also our transition into longer days as the light returns.

In the months of Winter leading up to Spring, I plant an Amaryllis bulb to call attention to the process of care, patience, and impermanence. As the days pass, the bulb keeps growing. It encourages me on dark days, excites me when the first pop of color appears, and motivates me to keep on going.

These days there is a lot (!) to take in and life can become overwhelming. Finding time to slow down, and take a pause to turn inward, can help re-establish new patterns that build strength, resilience and steadiness when times are uneasy or uncomfortable. Let's face it, most of life is filled with uncomfortable situations, but the in between moments of beauty, the unfolding, and the potential of the unknown remains a constant inspiration.

Life is a process of beautiful moments unfolding. 

Free guided meditations on Insight Timer *new 'Relax & Renew' Winter into Spring meditation to support our seasonal change of Winter into Spring and our current life transitions is available NOW.

Slow Flow Yoga at Joy Yoga in Melrose, MA is on hold until further notice.

Reiki II training at Borealis Yoga in Medford, MA is in the process of being rescheduled.

I have posted a few short videos on YouTube under Michelle Heron Yoga if you need some inspiration to move, breathe, and meditate. I have some special guests that will bring a smile and a laugh to your days.

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