Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Showing Up

"To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work."
Mary Oliver

Recently, I had a phone conversation with a friend of mine. Inevitably, we wind our way around to a topic of relevance that strengthens our connection, reminding us that even though our lives are very different, our paths are parallel. We discuss situations where feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and impossible ideals of ourselves and others infiltrate our lives. These negative feelings are like poison. The impact of these feelings play out a dangerous game with those we love. Thankfully, we are able to recognize this, frequently relying on each other for support, validation and a change of perspective. Wise words and experiences are shared in an effort to cope with whatever chaos we are dealing with in the moment.

We all have things in life we have to do. When we reflect on our daily actions, thoughts, and words and begin to make changes, however subtle and unconscious they may be, we are living true courage. Without judgment, negativity, or strain, acknowledge that your efforts have brought you to this moment. Trust the knowledge and insight you have gained up until right now, believe it is inside of you and show up.

Do the best you can and recognize 
that what you do is good enough.

Just be OK with you, what you have, what you do and the potential of who you are. Trust in yourself. Love yourself. Show kindness, empathy and compassion. Find your happiness. This is easier said than done. Life is complicated, even striving towards simplicity can be exhausting. I know when I try to do too much, I feel overwhelmed, the details begin to weigh me down. When the candle is burned bright, we are left unprotected against sickness, stress, frustration, and irritability. When we feel depleted, exhausted, and empty, we are barely able to care for ourselves or anyone else. This is the poison seeping in. The antidote is that the human spirit requires time to replenish, to mend in a way that only rest and nourishment can bring.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. 
Mind, body, and spirit.

Take time to light your inner candle, recharge, renew and relax. Create an un-penetrable armor to fortify your defenses. Remember where your spark is and stoke it. Daily activities of life need to be directed at filling up one's inner abundance. Our basic fuel is adequate sleep, healthy food and water consumed leisurely and joyfully. Reading, writing, creating, expressing ourselves in an artistic way other than speaking has the power to heighten the physical senses. Move, stretch, breathe, exercise and enjoy the time to look, listen and feel. Observe the world around you. Your intimate environment can offer healing therapies that can be immediately available to you. A warm, safe, resting place, soft blankets to cocoon ourselves in until we are ready to emerge and experience. Food made with care, kindness, and love. Focus on what makes you feel good. Be around people, animals, at home, in nature, any place that fills you up and strengthens you from within.

We have the capacity to give love, care for each other and show generosity.

These last couple days have brought the rain, which felt good, cleansing, and healing. My garden is flourishing, my favorite flowers are preparing for their moment to shine in the sun. From seed to sprout out of the earth, pushing against gravity to call attention, they revel in the glory to just be. They have NO expectations, just a gentle acceptance of the natural cycle of birth, growth, decay, and rebirth. Sun, earth, water, and air help the flora extend and expand from root to stem. Rising up, standing tall, rain or shine, continuing to reach higher. The thin lavender stalks emerge, but the bright purple florets remain hidden. Young hydrangeas are peeking out from bright green fronds. The thyme is weaving along the stone path, the phlox is creeping, and the iris unravel to reveal the deepest, darkest hues of violet blue.  The delicate lilacs have all been clipped, wafting their fragrance into my home as large bouquets decorating my table. The elephant ear hasta leaves are strong and velvety. The gorgeous peony moves from bud to blossom, bursting forth with vulnerable petals that expose themselves to the elements. Without tension, anger, sadness, or remorse, they show up, just as they are. Their beauty lies in their resiliency, sacrifice, and surrender.

Be present.
Show up.

Surround yourself with what makes you happy, find respect in the challenges that you may face in attaining what you love, and persevere through them. Allow forgiveness, practice to make mistakes, live, learn, and listen.

Show up for who you need. Show up for who needs you. Show up for yourself.

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