Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Morning Lullaby

In the wee hours of the morning, before the sun will rise. 
I hold you in my arms, close your sleepy eyes. 
Here inside the warmth of our soft and cozy nest, 
 we breathe beneath the covers and deeply rest.

Your head is on my shoulder, baby don't you cry.
Hearts beating together, in this morning lullaby.

In the wee hours of the morning, birds will start to sing.
Fall asleep again, before the day begins.
My babe, my child, my love, grow strong in every way. 
Be kind, be safe, be good, live, laugh and play.

When night time folds it's blanket over the world. 
 Stars shine bright above, the moon hangs low and full.
I wish for joy and love in all that you do. 
Before the sun will rise, sweet dreams will come to you.

In the morning, I am alone with my thoughts. Yes, I would prefer to be sleeping but little feet and kicking legs have woken me, rather than be upset, and begin the day in a negative way, I accept what is. Me, awake, with precious time that is mine. Soft breathing beside me, reminds me to stretch and feel alive. A hundred thoughts run through my head, lists begin to form, my mind is running away from me. I am being pulled from my warm, safe haven of rest! 



I take a deep breath. I can choose how I begin my day.

The most sacred space that exists is in our minds. Take care of it, feed it, exercise it, and rest it. Healthy habits of nutrition, adequate sleep and meditation have many benefits, but it takes practice and a willingness to try. Carve out the first few minutes of the day by being mindful. Before you get out of bed, your mind is awake. Stay fully present, and aware moment to moment. Pay attention to your first morning thoughts, acknowledge them without judgment, without analyzing, without reacting, and then let them go. Guided meditation is helpful when you are struggling with distraction or resistance. Using the breath as an anchor, guide yourself through physical sensation starting with toes and work your way up to your head. Inhale, and contract your muscles, and then exhale while releasing muscles. Another technique notices all aspects of the breath. Take note of the moment before you inhale, then inhale. Feel the breath rise up in your body. Your diaphragm contracts and moves down to create space for the breath as your lungs expand. Fill up and retain the breath in the body for one to two seconds. Slowly begin to exhale and release your breath. Hold the breath out of the body, hollow out your belly by pulling your naval in towards your spine. The diaphragm slowly relaxes and moves back up to allow the process to begin again. Inhale passively, exhale actively. As you continue to breathe deeply, the mind becomes focused and calm.
In the wee hours of the morning, before the sun will rise. 
Press and rub your hands together, bringing warmth into the palms. Place your warm hands over your eyes and let cool fingers press against your forehead, and thumbs press over ears, take a deep breath. You have knowledge and wisdom inside you, to trust your intuition.  Hands slide down below your eyes, finger pads press along cheek bones, lower jaw, and chin. Gently massaging the face, breathing in and breathing out. Cross your hands over your chest and pause here. You have a voice, and are able to communicate clearly with confidence and compassion. Stay positive and hopeful. Your heart is full of love. Patience is a friend and kindness will shield you. With a renewed energy, focused and strong, lungs inflate with breath, the spaces between the rib cage widen, stretch your arms overhead. Pause. Hold. Exhaling, hands rest on your abdomen. Holding the breath out of the body, with control, slowly, inhale again. Feeling the fullness of breath here, you are empowered. This is your life, take control, create your own happiness.

All we have and all we are is here.

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