Saturday, February 1, 2020

Halfway to Spring!

"Let us nurture the spirit of renewal and embrace the light of the lengthening days."
Celtic prayer
In the Northern Hemisphere, we are halfway to Spring! In the Southern Hemisphere, it's harvest time!
No matter where you live, the Earth is getting ready for change. If we look close, we can sense the shifting of the seasons even though they have yet to arrive.

Living with this awareness, month to month, week to week, and moment to moment awakens the seasons of the day.

Change is inevitable and growing happens whether we welcome it or resist it.

Find the beauty on the unraveling and inspiration where you can get it.

Here are some ways to move, breathe and meditate with me in the next few weeks!

Slow Flow Yoga
Wednesday evenings
Melrose, MA
(No Class 2/19)

"The human body is only as flexible as the time and energy we give it." 
Daniel Lacroix

Small Group Reiki Share
Sunday 2/23, 2020
Winchester, MA

This offering is open to Reiki practitioners of any level, where we gather together to connect, grow, and exchange Reiki. This is an offering for those who practice Reiki, and a way to say thank you for learning and sharing your gifts. A special thank you to Christine Tresselt for facilitating the space for this wonderful free event! Please RSVP via email ( if you plan to attend!

Reiki I Training
Saturday 3/7 & Sunday 3/8, 2020
Medford, MA

I teach Reiki as a form of meditation and a practice of self care. Reiki is positive intention sent through the hands. It is a safe, gentle, and non-invasive method of bringing in balance to restore the body's physical and emotional well being. Meditation is a re-charging of your here and now. Self care is a necessity of health and wellness. Learning resources and tools to reduce stress, rest, relax, and develop a sense of calm within mind and body benefits you and others. Choosing to bring Reiki into your life, also brings Reiki into the lives of those you love. If you have practiced Reiki with me, please share this offering to those who may be interested in learning this wonderful art of holding, caring, and supporting. 

FREE Guided Meditations

I have written, recorded and published guided meditations on Insight Timer, which is a free application that offers many audio courses and meditations from all over the world! My dear friend and multi-talented artist, Michele Morgan has recorded, mixed, and edited these offerings for me so we can share them with all of you! This is a definite labor of love and knowing we are helping people relax is the driving force behind all of it. My aim is to record a new meditation every few months as our schedules allow, and continue sharing a healthy and peaceful way of living with others. If you listen and enjoy these meditations, please follow, share, leave a message, or give a rating on Insight Timer. 

With gratitude and appreciation,

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