Friday, November 15, 2019

Fall into Winter

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
Albert Einstein

We are halfway through November already! Time seems to be speeding up, and all I want to do is S L O W down. If there ever was a month of steadiness, November is the one. Cold, brisk days, and earlier sunsets test our ability to keep up the pace of our busy life. Finding small pockets of time to bring stillness into one moment, to notice breath, to move your body is the gift of the practice. True rest can increase energy, reset your nervous system, and bring in a sense of balance, ease and comfort into all you do. Moving slowly and steady from a place of purpose and intention brings each task to the here and now. 

Focus and attend to what is needed, and let go of the rest.

The Triple Heater energy channel begins in the ring finger and travels up the arm over the shoulder, then it splits into two branches. One branch goes through the pericardium (heart space) and diaphragm (lung space), then runs vertical toward the navel. Another branch goes up the neck, around the ear and head, encircling the face.

Sit quietly in a place of comfort, where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes, relax your face, and settle into this moment. Begin to notice your breath, and allow it to move freely through your body. Become aware of the parts of your body that move as the breath fills you up. Releasing breath slowly, sink down into your seat further. Begin to feel a connection with the floor, the foundation, and the Earth that rests underneath you. Keep a steadiness to your inhale and exhale. Bring your hands over your ears, gently curving your palms to hold the space between ears and hands to listen to the breath from the inside out. Each finger tip pad will fall along the sides of the head. Gently press into your fingers on your inhale, and then relax the pressure on the exhale. Continue this practice for as long as it feels good, paying attention to what arises when you give yourself time to listen, allowing audible distractions to fall away.
Below are offerings to move, breathe and meditate with me in these last few weeks of 2019.

Slow Flow Yin Yoga
Wednesday 730p-845p
195 Green St.
Melrose, MA
*No class on 11/27, 12/25, or 1/1

 Winter R & R: A Yoga & Reiki Workshop
Sunday December 15, 2019
195 Green St.
Melrose, MA
Register online under Wellness Workshops for Adults
The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us, and the darkest days of the year are here. Rest and restore with Roxanne Kelly and Michelle Heron for a candle-lit yoga class to honor the winter solstice. Awaken your senses with focused breathing, longer held yoga poses, essential oils, and hands-on Reiki assists. We will close with a guided meditation to bring peace and calm to body, heart and mind.

Tea, treats and conversation to follow.
A portion of the cost will be donated to Clean Water Action.
*Reiki is positive intention sent through the hands.

Lastly, I published a guided meditation available now on Insight Timer, which is a free application easily downloaded onto any device. I wrote this meditation for EVERYONE. It is best listened tobefore bed, snuggling with a loved one, or anytime there is a need to find deep rest.

Space Meditation was inspired by my boys, and all our Jedi yogi's who requested more meditation and relaxation during class.

Check it out!
(You will need to sign in, click on search icon, and type in my name)

Sending you ALL warmth, PEACE, and happiness this coming holiday season.

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