Monday, September 23, 2019

Fall Yoga & Reiki offerings

"Autumn is a second Spring when every leaf is a flower."
Albert Camus

Autumn is here in New England, and for many of us it is a favorite season. The leaves turn from green to gold, and the fiery reds smolder into orange. The visibility of change is all around us. Transitions are happening moment to moment everyday. Taking time to pause, breathe, and move within these transitions is the mindfulness I truly enjoy sharing.

I am holding gratitude for the sweet yoga studio in Melrose, that feels like a second home. Joy Yoga is a gift to our local and extended community, friends, and families. This Fall, we will continue our weekly movement class. Showing up on the mat, just as you are, is a bold act of commitment. Thank you for sharing the practice with me.

Slow Flow Yin Yoga 
Wednesday evenings, 730pm-845pm.
Joy Yoga
195 Green St.
Melrose, MA

Slow Flow Yoga explores the element of time and space between transitions of movement. Yin is a longer held yoga style that increases the mobility of joints, and balances the body's energetic flow. Combining a slower paced yoga with yin poses create moments of awareness, highlighting your body's ability to move beyond what you think is possible. Moving, breathing, and meditating awakens your inner strength, endurance, and focus. It is a compassionate practice that challenges you to become your best self.

"Reiki is love. Love is wholeness. Wholeness is balance. Balance is wellbeing. Wellbeing is freedom from disease."
Dr. Mikao Usui

In addition to yoga, I teach Reiki as a form of meditation and a resource for self care. I'll continue to offer small group Reiki classes to those that are interested. Contact me: or on Instagram: @heronyoga

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that sends positive intention through the hands. I have found that adding in a layer of touch deepens my focus while meditating, and practicing mindful movement.  Placing hands over eyes, forehead, crown of head, ears, shoulders, upper chest, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, legs, knees, and feet creates a circuit of energy bringing the mind to the present moment. Sensing the body through healing touch while breathing in and breathing out is a compassionate meditation practice, it is L O V E in action.

Peaople use reiki to relax and strengthen their wellbeing; reduce pain, anxiety, and fatigue; help manage symptoms; reduce side effects of medications; and support recovery after injuries or surgery. According to the National Health Interview Survey published in 2007, 1.2 million adults and 161,000 children received one or more sessions of energyhealing therapy such as Reiki in the previous year. According to the American Hospital Association, in 2007, 15% or over 800 American hospitals offered Reiki as part of hospital services.

In a recent study from Harvard University, a single session of Reiki significantly improved, pain, anxiety, depression, nausea, and fatigue. This study was conducted in 2016 and 2016 by Dr. Natalie Trent, PhD, a neuroscientist and energy healer, working to integrate science and mind-body medicine. This is the largest prospective Reiki study to date, and these exciting results will be published soon. Stay tuned!

For those who have shared Reiki with me, please feel free to leave a comment about your experience receiving and giving Reiki for others to learn more.

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