Monday, June 3, 2019


"The Earth laughs in flowers." Ralph Waldo Emerson

June is here! Summer is getting closer and closer.

Seasonal shifts are a perfect opportunity to slow down and give yourself the gift of time to be present, to feel sensation and breath in your body. MIndful movement, focused breathing, and meditation offers a pathway to connect our inner world (mind/body), to our outer world (environment), and to the larger universe around us.

As Summer approaches, here are some way to move, breathe and meditate with me.

Reiki Level I Training
Saturday June 8, 2019
10a-4p at Joy Yoga
Melrose, MA

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique called palm healing or hands-on healing. It is a practice of sending positivie intention and healing through the hands. Learning Reiki requires no special skill and is open to everyone. The emphais is on healing the self and learning to share Reiki with others. Many people who are trained in Reiki begin by using it for their families and friends. I teach Reiki as a form of meditation and self care. Reiki encourages rest, relaxation, emotional and physical wellbeing and is a wonderful complement to many forms of wellness.

Later on this month, we will celebrate the first day of summer. The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, when the sun is at its highest point in the sky for the year. In Latin, 'Solstice' translates as "sun standing still", which references the position of the sun on this day. It is one of the earliest astronomical observations in human history. Dedicated rituals, festivals and ancient monuments are designed to align with the sun's light energy and all that it provides. We can adapt this celebration of the sun within our own modern lives by reflecting on the light that shines within each of us and listening to what we need to recharge our personal energy. 

In honor of the Summer Solstice, Jennifer Murphy, LMT and I will be co-leading a Yoga & Reiki Workshops that combines purposeful movement, focused breathing and meditation while offering a safe space to receove hands-on Reiki assists.

Soften & Shine: Yoga & Reiki Summer Workshop
Sunday June 23, 2019
3-5p at Joy Yoga
Melrose, MA

This workshop is a gentle, restorative yoga practice with guided meditation and Reiki hands-on assists encouraging relaxation. We will warm up the body with a grounding slow flow practice to increae circulation and find a rhythm to the breath. Longer held yin yoga poses will be taught to release the deeper layers of tissue surrounding the skeletal, muscular and organ systems, increasing our mobility and balancing the body's energetic flow. We will close with an extended Yoga Nidra session to soften and relax the whole body, strengthening our inner light, to shine from the inside out.

The warmth of the sun and longer days are a reminder of how good it is to find balance between work and rest. Many of us take vacation over the summer to enjoy the beautiful weather, find space in our days, to not hurry, to linger longer, and to let go of responsibility for a while. Join me for yoga every Wednesday in June and most of July.

Slow Flow with Yin Yoga
Wednesday evenings 730-845p
Joy Yoga
Melrose, MA
No Class July 3

I will be taking vacation in August and have decided to take my own advice and slow down. So, rather than cancelling more than a few classes, I am taking the month of August off from teaching yoga to find space in my days, to not hurry, to linger longer, and let go of responsibility for a while. We will resume our Wednesday evening classes on September 4, 2019.

For over ten years, I have met many of you on the mat for our weekly yoga class. The location has changed and new faces have arrived, while old friends continue to show up. This class has been an anchor for me, it is a constant reminder of staying present, honoring a space of learning and opening into the beauty of moment ot moment transitions. 

Thank you all for your continues patronage.
See you on the mat!

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