Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 Prayer for PEACE & LOVE

"The soul of the soul of the Universe is love." Rumi

2018 Prayer for PEACE & LOVE

Peace exists within us. Love exists within us. My hope is that more people will dedicate their energy, time, passion and pursuits towards finding their truth. It is our power. Seeking your truth is about discovering who you are, what makes you happy, healthy, and joyful. Authenticity exists in each and every one of us. If joy is the greatest marker of our success, living our truth is the path towards that greatness. Living your truth is the opposite of living a lie, or faking your way through life. As Mary Oliver says in her beautiful poem; "Tell me, what is is you plan to do with your one precious life?"

Be real. 
Be here. 
Be now.

Together, we rise up with LOVE. Together, we rise up with kindness. Together, we rise with compassion. Together, we rise up with patience. Together, we rise up with forgiveness. Together, we rise up with PEACE. Erase the invisible walls, the real walls and the potential walls that close off communication and understanding. 

Peace for all living beings on Earth.

"and the world will be as one..." John Lennon

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