Tuesday, November 26, 2013

With Thanks

"Singing we'll all be together, even when we're not together, with our arms around each other, with our faith still in each other."  N. Case

It's Tuesday night, my oven is on the fritz, I couldn't roast a turkey even if I wanted to.  It seems like a lot of work anyway. So, I went to the market and bought a pre-cooked chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing, biscuits and gravy. We had what my Dad calls a "winner, winner, chicken dinner." The boys ate most of their portions and my husband was very thankful for his, as he skipped lunch to get home to us sooner. This was our Thanksgiving meal. We all held hands and sang our song, "I'm thankful for my friends and my family, I'm thankful for the food I eat, I'm happy as can be."

As a nurse, I have to work weekends and holidays. My choice, but I always wonder what it would be like to have time off along with everyone else. I work at night and it seems like I have a different view of working life all around. This year, I am hoping to have my Christmas holiday, the balance of scheduling is a constant struggle. I never really minded working the off shifts, but now that my boys are getting bigger and engaging more in the celebration of the seasons, I miss seeing them interact with family and friends, enjoying the holiday without me. I recognize how lucky I am to have my life, my loves, my freedom and my work. Service professionals in military, safety, security and healthcare are not with their families either, their sacrifices keep our extended community protected and sheltered.

Despite the brightness and beauty of the season, the holidays bring melancholy memories of loved ones that are no longer with us. Loss weighs heavier on our hearts, as we are still alive on this earth bound by the cycle of life. Our goal is to honor and remember their spirit and the gifts they have given, and that we continue to receive. When I close my eyes, we are all together sharing a meal, toasting a drink, and sharing a bountiful ritual of gratefulness.

The world offers opportunities to become a part of something larger than ourselves. All living beings who are in pain, sick, suffering or enduring a tremendous tragedy need our help and our love. Sending out a prayer into the universe is important and necessary.

May we all be filled with loving kindness
May we all be peaceful and at ease
May we all be safe and healthy
May we all be happy

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