Tuesday, September 3, 2013


'Nature' is what we see- The Hill- the Afternoon- Squirrel- Eclipse- the Bumble bee- Nay-Nature is Heaven-
'Nature' is what we hear- The Bobolink- the Sea- Thunder- the Cricket- Nay- Nature is Harmony-
'Nature is what we know- But have no Art to say- So impotent our Wisdom is To Her Simplicity.
Emily Dickinson
Summer is bittersweet. The beginning is full of hope and excitement filled with warm, sunny, long, languid days. The smell of blossoming flowers in the air, butterflies, bees and birds are swooping around happily. Sleeping in with the windows open, lounging in bed with my boys softly breathing beside me, a perfect summer dream. Going to the beach in the evening, watching the waves moving in and out, an easeful and peaceful release. While I can create my own rhythm and routine, the reality is that I can't lay in bed, I have a life full of responsibility. These beautiful, summer days are for squeezing out every second of fun. Seeking new adventures and excitement for my boys on a daily basis is an expectation, while still working, balancing schedules and maintaining household duties. My husband wakes at 6am, off to work, home by 6pm, and without missing a beat, helmets are on, and they are all speeding away on their bikes as another adventure unfolds.

The boys of summer are covered with dirt, they jump into every puddle, collect pocketfuls of sand, drip popsicle juice everywhere, they live in bathing suits and pools, lakes and oceans become their bath tub. Slowly seeping into the heat of mid-summer, family vacation is finally here, and then it rains. We discover that relaxing with young children is impossible, cranky kids need naps and a constant supply of food. Long car rides, expensive tickets to amusement parks, museums, train rides, and beach permits, time off from work, can create stress if expectations are high. Stay in the moment, try not to hold onto potential outcomes, learn to let go and surrender into the true potential of summer. Right now, I love every dirty hug, sticky kiss and sweetly intended bouquet of flowers personally handpicked out of my garden.

I remember my own summers of freedom, swimming, reading, playing with friends. Summer nights lit by big, full, yellow moons that hung in the sky while I stayed out past my bedtime. Breathing in the night air with my heart beating hard against my chest, memories endure as you feel it all. Being in nature and enjoying all her beauty intensifies physical sensations. Waiting for the soft, quiet stillness as a hummingbird feeds on the nectar of flowers in bloom, listening to the song of crickets and summer bugs, watching the bats fly overhead as the sun goes down and the owls hoot in the big pine trees that sway with the wind. Close your eyes and remember these moments of feeling alive, share the simple enjoyments of each season, find connection and balance with our Earth. New memories are made by opening up all senses, acknowledging the complexity and mystery of life, 'Nature is Heaven.'

Three months go quick and here I am at the end of our summer days. Sitting on my front porch, enjoying the sound of loud, smashing trucks and quick quarrels, while my eyes focus on large iridescent bubbles lightly floating over small heads. All of a sudden the days are shorter, the nights are creeping in earlier and the temperature has dropped. Most of us who live in New England can't wait for the start of fall. These early autumn days of blue sky, warm sun and cool, starry nights require fleece jackets and soft, faded jeans to come out from the bottom of drawers. Then another hot day sneaks in and you are glad the last air conditioner is still in the window, and at least one fan is in the house. Preparations are made for school, early bedtime and I still have to switch out the laundry, fold it and make dinner. Everyone says these are the golden days, enjoy them while you can. Enjoy every moment of life, celebrate it, laugh often and do everything with the intention of love in your heart.

So, I take a deep breath in and smile happily to myself.

On the last day of August we celebrated at my parents house with good friends, enjoying dinner and time together on a beautiful evening. As I stepped out of the house into the setting sun, I saw one lonely dandelion left on the lawn. I stopped, picked it up and held it up to the sky. Before I made my wish, I paused and thought of all the loveliness in my life. Gratitude filled my heart as I heard my boys squeals of laughter behind me. I said my wish aloud into the universe and watched as all the last fluffy, white blossoms flew away.

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