Friday, June 14, 2013

Ten Years Gone

"We are eagles of one nest, The nest is in our soul."  Page & Plant
Ten years ago I married a wonderful man, he is my opposite in every way, yet we are drawn to one another through some kind of energetic current. I must have known the moment I met him that we were meant to be together. Early on in our relationship, I had a dream that I was kneeling with open arms in a big green field, a little boy with light hair and blue eyes was running to me with a smile so big it could save the world. It was a premonition, a hope, a dream, my reality.

My husband is a light hearted man, he loves, he laughs and he enjoys all he can of life.  I am constantly struggling with staying in the moment while he is living it.  I have realized after many years of yoga, reading and meditation experiences that I want to be like him. He stays calm, cool and collected naturally and can focus on one task mindfully. He is a man of reverence, patience and love. An amazing father, even though he feels like he is still finding his way, he is doing a pretty good job after four years with two beautiful boys. 

Becoming parents has changed who we are in many ways, some for better, some for worse.  The discovery of who I am now in comparison with who I was, keeps my husband on his toes. My emotions run high, my priorities have changed and my love for all my boys grows stronger every day. When dinner is over, the dishes are washed, the laundry folded, bath time done, pajamas on and the boys are finally asleep, I wrap my arms around my man and rest my head against his chest. We have busy lives and little time for each other, but celebrating the wonderful monumental moments of life is worth all the hard work. Happy Anniversary, my love. 

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