Friday, April 6, 2012

Measures of Mindfulness

Be happy.

Be grateful and thankful for everything.

Inner beauty reflects outer beauty.

Find your true self, speak from your heart, and communicate in a loving and nurturing way.

Strive toward your highest potential and enjoy it.

You have the possibility to make anything good become great.

Create art from everyday life.

Tend to daily tasks in a meditative way.

Simplify as much as possible.

Stay organized, efficient, lighthearted and flexible, enjoy the spontaneity in life.

Be kind to yourself and others, encourage compassionate self talk.

Respect yourself; respect others.

Value the dignity of all life.

Allow every action to be rooted in love.

Be patient.

Let go of worry, fear and anxiety.

Believe in Truth.

Your whole life is a discovery of who you are; find your passion and pursue it ferociously.

See the difficult moments in life as a challenge and an opportunity to grow stronger and confident.

The expression of love is the most powerful healer of all.

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