Friday, January 4, 2013

Our New Year

~May this child be held and warmed, loved and welcomed, made secure in this strange new world.~

January is a time of celebration and reflection as both my boys were born in this first month.  Becoming a mother has forever changed me and the way I think of my place in the world.  As I see my boys grow big and strong, pulling away and becoming more independent, it is bittersweet.  I lament over my baby belly and smile when a new baby passes me by, but I know that every experience has brought me to now and I hold so much in my heart that was never there before. I am blessed, I am loved, I am a mother and the stars in the sky shine brighter through my eyes.

My boys teach me patience and strength as I battle my way through the day with them. I see the small moments and the excitement of each new discovery. It is a reminder that I too am still learning and can be surprised by unknown and spontaneous qualities that still exist in life.  I feel the need not to rush so much and to hold the moment longer by waiting for my response in mind before my physical reaction.  The magic of the universe unfolding itself upon us. My boys make me a better person, for myself and for others.

January boasts anew, so many things to do.  Now is a time when most think of all that was done and all there is still to do.  Some feel the need to change, in health, work, or life. Resolutions may or may not stick, but the effort is worth every positive moment.  Like most, I want to live more simply, eat healthier, and find a regular rhythm of exercise and movement. But what I really want to do is live and breathe in a peaceful world.  So, I wish in our new year a future filled with hope, kind minds, gentle hearts and loving connections.