Friday, May 11, 2012

Finding My Way

I have found being a mother is hard; but being a working mother is even harder.  There are some days I just can't do it all, I feel pulled in many directions.  I try to not bring my work home with me, but when I am struggling with a difficult issue, my mind is not in the present.  I can't focus on immediate tasks and I am quick and impatient with my children.  I need to step back, remove myself (if possible) and gain a different perspective.  Writing has always helped me, but if I don't write it out immediately I can hold on to it.  Lately, I will talk it out with a friend or a family member, which helps to not take my troubles out on others, in voice or action.  Sometimes, I am too hard on myself, judging my actions harshly and with anger.  As I strive to speak kindly and respect others, the true gift of love and compassion has to be given to myself.  It is that sympathetic energy which nourishes and showers our spirit with joy.

Live one day at a time
Keep attention in the present
Have no expectations
Make no judgments
Let go

I honor of Mother's Day, take time for yourself and care for your mind, body and spirit.  Do something that makes you happy.  Put a smile on your face, breathe deeply and with intention.  Enjoy the outdoors, get into nature, take a walk, ride a bike or work in your garden.  Have coffee or tea with a friend.  Take an exercise class, try yoga, get a massage, indulge in a beauty treatment, enjoy a hot bath or shower and relax.